Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Then and Now

Who loves to discuss (and discuss!) more than middle school family members? Here's a question to keep them talking during the hustle bustle of Thanksgiving preparations.

"Do you think the Pilgrim and Indian story is true?"

And here's a book with answers:
THANKSGIVING: THE TRUE STORY by Penny Colman. From early harvest rites to today’s family gatherings, Colman studied primary materials and created a survey to contrast perceptions of Thanksgiving held by everyday people like us. Then she shared her own perceptions and discoveries as the research mounted. The author is no stranger to digging in the past. recreating experiences and leading readers to share them, as if they were there, too. See her other titles at http://www.pennycolman.com/

Do you have a favorite book about Thanksgiving that you share with your family as part of the tradition?


  1. Joan, I love the 'theme' of your blog! I have lists of books all over my desk, but after the list, I have to go to Amazon.com to get info on books I hear about. But here you are giving us lovely leads to wonderful books.

    I love having another children's writer's recommendations on books to read.

  2. Thanks, Kathye. As you know, we're lucky in my town that we can request books online from the nearest library and be notified when they're ready for pickup. Then we can make informed choices when we order a book to keep. I hope this blog helps you find some great books for your writing studio!

    Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your fantasy novels.



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