Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Revolutionary War

December makes me think of General Washington at Valley Forge. What would he think about our ability to wage war today? Later this week, I'll talk about other more current war books for kids, but here's what it was like for one Revolutionary soldier.

BY THE SWORD: A Young Man Meets War, by Selene Castrovilla, illustrated by Bill Farnsworth. Headmaster Benjamin Tallmadge planned to study law, but he couldn’t resist the fight for independence. He and his horse Highlander joined George Washington’s troops and made the Revolutionary War their war. Neither had experienced battle or knew the sacrifices that would be expected. Beautifully designed and illustrated, painstakingly researched, and written in vivid, action-packed prose. The reader is present in every heart stopping scene.

The great thing about many current nonfiction picture books is that all ages can read, enjoy, and learn from them. This is one of those. Someone in your family will love it for the horse story. Another will appreciate the historical research. Others will stare endlessly at the pictures.

How did the readers in your house react?

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  1. Can you believe I haven't read this yet? Perhaps it is my aversion to war but really that is no excuse!!


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