Thursday, May 27, 2010

Suspense for Teens

When teens find a book and author they like and the book leads to a series, teen readers inhale these titles as if they were the latest fast food super meal--with extra fries. According to the book jacket of today's offering, author Peter Abrahams has many series to his credit. If the book I just read–the first I’ve read of his long list and it’s a stand alone so far–is any indication, he understands the heart ache of the young who can’t have what they want but won’t give up no matter the odds.

REALITY CHECK by Peter Abrahams, Laura Geringer Books, 2009

Cody is 16 and in love with Clea whose wealthy father opposes their relationship. Big time. He sends his daughter to Hong Kong for the summer and to boarding school in Vermont forever.

Or so it seems.

Cody, blocked in every direction, drops out of his Montana high school and heads for Vermont when he hears that Clea is missing. Hunger, homelessness, and cold are nothing to a young man in love. Girls will like this part, but there’s plenty of action for the guys, too. Villains and heroes in disguise abound. Who can be trusted? How much pain can be ignored?

Both girls and guys will care about the horse.

A quote from Stephen King appears on the cover: “My favorite American suspense novelist.” Will your teen agree?

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