Friday, July 30, 2010

Edge of Chair Edgar Finalist

The book jacket of this YA spy-in-training mystery promises that the reader will be guessing until the last page. True!

THE MORGUE AND ME by John C. Ford, Viking, 2009.

How nice to read a novel that concentrates on the mystery and doesn’t focus on the gore and grime of crime. OK, there is a body almost from the beginning, but the focus remains on why he was killed and who did it.

Christopher, the main character, just graduated from high school and has a love of photography–just like the author. He doesn’t make dumb mistakes the reader could see coming for a mile. Circumstances trip him up, but not his own feet. He isn’t arrogant and doesn’t get a comeuppance.

Considering all the CSI shows and spin-offs, a high school student taking a job as a morgue assistant doesn’t seem like a strange choice of summer jobs. If a guy plans to be a spy, what better place to start?

It must have been a challenge to keep Christopher’s ten year old brother from stealing the whole show. Maybe author Ford will center a book on Daniel someday.

For kids who love summer because it gives them time to read for pleasure, this book could be one last treat before having to tackle reading assignments for school.


  1. This does sound good. But alas (!) my high schooler starts school TOMORROW! So much for reading for pleasure...

  2. School is starting way too soon, IMHO! The promise of August used to be that you had a few more weeks to do all the things you'd promised you'd do the minute school let out for the summer. Procrastination could't last forever!


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