Friday, September 3, 2010

Ahoy, Boys!

No romance in this book–unless you count the romance of the high seas. Pre-teen boys especially will find this seafaring adventure to their liking.

SEA OF THE DEAD by Julia Durango, Simon & Shuster For Young Readers, 2009

Kehl is 13, the 5th son of the Warrior Prince Amatec. His father’s domain is all that he knows.

When Kehl is kidnaped by the Fallen King, he wakes up aboard ship. Soon after he is befriended by Xipi. Somewhere it is surely written in stone that a boy book must always include a dog. The dog in this book is also on board and his name is Sholla.

Forced by the Fallen King to map the entire Carillon Empire, Kehl discovers there is more to the world than his father has told him. A tug of war begins between Kehl’s heart and mind as his knowledge grows and his feelings struggle to keep up. This is about growing up, discovering what lies outside your own small circle, and learning to respect what you find instead of fearing or condemning it.

This book is not long. The action keeps pages turning so fast, some readers will pick it up after breakfast and finish it before lunch. All readers will want to unravel the secret that drives Kehl to make a life changing decision.

You'll smell the sea, feel the roll of the waves under your feet--and you won't have to leave the comforts of home.

Good books really do take you away.

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