Saturday, March 19, 2011

Drum Roll, Please

March is Women’s History Month. I still remember the first book I read that fit neatly into this category.

It was a biography of Abigail Adams. Wow! How amazing! Until that day, those first chapters, I thought our country was founded and shaped by George Washington and his soldiers. I also thought mothers were people who let their children back into the house after a long, boring day at school.

But not Abigail! At the same time she was a wife and mother of many children, she was a letter writer whose ideas and opinions influenced our country. (I discovered post-Abigail that my mother was a quite a letter writer,too, but I'll save that for another time.)

Since that enlightening day years ago, I've found many other books on women who achieved, prospered, broke barriers, and changed the world for the better. One I reviewed on Book Log is SHE SANG PROMISE by Jan Godown Annino about the amazing Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal leader. That was last March, and I’m still thinking about Betty Mae's courage and determination. The review is here.

Of course it helps that I keep up with the author, Jan Godown. A friend, mentor, and sister writer, Jan is observing women’s history month on her Bookseed Studio blog.

It was on Jan's blog that I picked up this link to Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History.

If only we had time to read all the books written about us!


  1. Super!!! I knew about Abigali. And now I have a longer list to investigate.

  2. Joan, you are the most amazing writer & mentor I know.
    No wonder when I go back over March I find this day, my counter goes zing. Many thanks for the shout out here.
    The tireless library book folks who created it deserve our kudos.

    In addition to the informative Book Log here,
    readers may want to subscribe to the wonderful
    Shelf-Employed (Lisa Taylor)
    & also to
    The Fourth Musketeer (Margo Tannenbaum)


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