Saturday, May 7, 2011

After the Tornado

On April 27 a deadly swath of tornadoes changed lives forever across our entire region.

What about the children?

In times of tragedy like these, the plight of children weighs especially heavy on everyone. In this morning’s paper I saw the picture of an NFL player holding the child of a friend as he stood in the midst of rubble, a former neighborhood, one he had come home to help.

A hug seems small. It is huge.

We all want to help. Everyone can. We can’t all be first responders. But we can respond as we find needs that our own resources can meet.

DeEtte Currie, a teacher and mother of two young girls shared this
link for “Boxes of Hope.” This is a person to person, child to child, expression of love and caring. Organizers are working toward a deadline of May 16, so I urge you to read through this timely site now and decide whether it’s the fit you’ve been seeking for your own need to help.


Hillview School Library