Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Byte

A byte is a small unit.
By a stretch of my imagination, a “book byte” would be a small unit of a book review or book discussion including a quotation, comment, recommendation, or whatever pops up when readers talk about books.

Here’s a quote from the father of an avid ten year old reader:
“That (book) was right in his wheel house.”

The book?

HOW RUDE by Heather L. Montgomery, Scholastic, 2015
This book is about bugs that don’t mind their manners. Classified as non-fiction and science, the “ugh” factor is replaced by an exclamation of “gross” at every page turn, something 7-10 year olds “get” while they laugh so hard they snort milk out their noses. 

My thought? If your child reads this book during snack time, you might want to have a stack of napkins handy.
Repeating the first words of that sentence, If your child reads, be happy!



  1. How Rude is a fabulous book! Montgomery's unique approach to showcase unusual insects is bound to captivate kids!

    1. And it does! Her school visits captivate, too--packed with energy.

  2. Thank you both for your kind comments! Bugs are my passion so it was a joy to work on this book.


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  4. Congrats, Heather, on what is most definitely a fun read--not only for kids, but for the kid in the grown up that I am! And thanks, Joan, for sharing with us.

  5. I love your 'byte', Joan. And the bug book sounds absolutely delightful!

  6. I love this one too (had ordered it before it was even out) - and also loved Heather's presentation on new - and amazing - non-fiction at WIK.


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