Monday, April 11, 2016

Pick a Peck of Poems

What better way to celebrate spring than a poetic foray into a farmer’s market?
FRESH DELICIOUS, Poems from the Farmers’ Market, by Irene Latham, Illustrated by Mique Moriuchi, Wordsong, 2016

Poet Irene Latham's fanciful wordplay and illustrator Mique Moriuchi's  gift with paint, paper, scissors, and glue turn a trip to the outdoor market into a hunt for fun.  Who could resist a puzzle of squash or a battle with okra swords? Not I!

Engaging recipes close this adventure among the stalls of beans and peas (did one of those just wink at me?) and young readers will be eager to help, sample and devour the finished version. 

In the meantime, you will be reading this to the child on your lap over...and over...and over.

Good thing you have a healthy snack of fruit kebabs to nibble on while you turn the pages.


  1. Thank you, Joan! Yes, those peas totally winked at you. :) Mique's illustrations are such fun, aren't they? Have a fresh delicious day!! xo

  2. Hello dear Joan,
    This is a tasty description of this clever book. Love it!

  3. As I visit these pages again, a couple of months later, I am eager to visit the farmers' markets springing up all around me. Mmmm.


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