Friday, December 11, 2020


Did you have an invisible friend when you were a child? She belonged to you alone. Do you remember when your friend went away? Maybe it happened when you learned to read, and your secret friend was replaced by a new friend who lived inside a book. That could be why series are so popular. Kids today are the same as we were as kids. They love having a friend that belongs to them and, they think, them alone.

Mermaid Tales, The Winter Princess by Debbie Dadey, Aladdin, Simon &Schuster, 2020

Pearl Swamp learns that of all the third graders at Trident Academy, her name has been drawn to be the Princess at the Winter Festival. She is ecstatic. But before she can share this wonderful news, her parents tell her they have decided to adopt a baby brother, a merbaby. 

What? Pearl’s amazing, fantastic, unbelievable announcement doesn't get announced. Instead, she learns her life, her home, her PARENTS are going to be shared. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of this surprising development in an only child’s life. (I’m waving mine!)

The story moves along from cliff hanger to cliff hanger and Pearl makes all kinds of discoveries about herself and others. If you read this before or with your daughter, you will find lots to talk about and probably learn something about your daughter, too.

Author Debbie Dadey has written more than 160 books, many in series for ages 6-9. The Winter Princess is # 20 in the Mermaid Tales. You can find other series and  titles as well as the forthcoming Mermaid Tales #21, Sleepover at the Haunted Museum, at



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