Saturday, January 9, 2010


What if you witnessed the tragic death of most of your family members and then discovered you had the power to keep death from happening to others? Would you protect those who want to harm you, too? A talented story teller pulls readers into this tale so deeply, not even howling winter winds will distract.

STEALING DEATH by Janet Lee Carey

All 17 year old Kipp has left is his little sister and he vows to keep her safe. Enter a white horse that can fly, witches, nomads, bone throwers, dragons, higher powers, and the ever present destructive forces. Set against a vivid landscape, the adventure races onward and Kipp and his readers must hang on tightly for the ride. Young middle school readers will be so tangled in the story threads, they won't want to put the book down until the last knot is tied. Older readers will appreciate a philosophical depth.

All you need is a comfortable spot beside a crackling fire.

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