Monday, January 11, 2010

From A to ZZZZZ

Here's an addition to the bedtime routine for toddlers that might help them learn their letters. What? You sing the alphabet song for that? Why not both?

THE SLEEPY LITTLE ALPHABET by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Melissa Sweet.

Each little alphabet letter has personality plus and like every child at bedtime, not one of the 26 clamors to climb into a bed or crib. F is full of fidgety wiggles and G has got the googly giggles. Rhyming and racing, each lively letter has boggeley eyes and a jaggedy smile. How long before sleep time? Awhile.

The action starts to slow, hugs and yawns and what do you know? Each letter cuddles and a dreaming they go–except naughty N. There’s always one!

Illustrator Sweet won a 2009 Caldecott honor for A RIVER OF WORDS: THE STORY OF WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS by Jen Bryant. Author Sierra has won awards, too. If there’s a book shelf in your nursery, this should be on it.

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  1. Oh, this sounds perfect for our little formerly-good sleeper. Thank you for posting!

    Yes, we've reached that stage--the one where we reach for yet another story and another, please, Mama, so that we delay going to bed. (And I'm a sucker for it, because the greatest joy of parenthood is reading to Walter, truly.) A sleepy alphabet--with the exception of Naughty N, whom we shall endeavor not to be--sounds like just what we need!


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