Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Giraffe’s Travels

If you’re short like me, you look up, up, at the giraffe in the zoo and wonder what it’s like to look down on so many people and places. And what lovely curly eyelashes! Of course, a giraffe with a cold could be highly uncomfortable if he has a sore throat. I’m not the only one who thinks a giraffe is as special as he or she is tall. Once there was a king who...

ZARAFA, THE GIRAFFE WHO WALKED TO THE KING by Judith S. George, illustrated by Britt Spencer, Philomel, 2009.

The king of France was about to receive a wonderful gift from the ruler of Egypt, but the behind the scenes story is a gift to the reader. Follow the travels of Zarafa, and the people who loved and cared for her. From a small African village to a palace in Paris, Zarafa made friends and spread love, lovely love, wherever she went.

In Arabic, Zarafa means “charming.” Do you think the king of France was charmed by his gift?

Wouldn’t you be?

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