Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Magic Hour Before Sunset

The day fades. Evening’s spread is gentle, lulling the world, softening edges. If anyone could capture this fragile, fleeting time on paper or canvas, it would be painter Walter Anderson. His pursuit was quiet. What he accomplished is left to others to discover and share. Here is a book that does just that.

THE SECRET WORLD OF WALTER ANDERSON by Hester Bass, illustrated by E. B. Lewis, Candlewick, 2009.

Hester Bass is an artist with words. E. B. Lewis is a much honored illustrator with thirty children’s books to his credit. Together they celebrate the genius of a man whose need to paint carried him deeply into his own world, a private world whether it be the room he shared with no one or the island where he spent weeks alone.

The author was introduced to Anderson's work in 1996 when her husband became executive director of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. She learned of the artist's desire that art be affordable so everyone could enjoy it in their homes. This book is the realization of her dream to share Walter Anderson’s life, his art and his vision with children and families.

In words and watercolors, these artists have created a fitting tribute to another artist.


  1. We have a Walter Anderson hand-colored silk screen print that we love. You can get them here:

  2. So glad to know about a Walter Anderson book for young people, Joan. Thank you. Long a fan of Anderson, I shall have to get my own little Walter Anderson a copy of this one (and, perhaps, a print for his room)!


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