Monday, June 14, 2010

Celebrate Beauty!

This is a beautiful book. I had to check it out of the library again to see if it is as lovely as I remembered it. It was. It is.

THE BLACKER THE BERRY, by Joyce Carol Thomas, illustrated by Floyd Cooper. Amistad,

When these award winning creative artists combine talents, they reap still more awards. They won Coretta Scott King honors for Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea, teamed up again and produced another King winner, The Blacker the Berry.

Thomas’s poetry is rich and heady, like picking heavy, low hanging grapes, mashing them into a thick, pulpy juice and sipping carefully, letting each drop linger on the tongue. Fine artist Cooper pairs each gathering of luscious words with a child so captivating you hope he or she will come skipping into your yard and settle on the porch for a visit.

Here is the perfect book to celebrate the beginning of summer and the beauty of children, including the child at heart.

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