Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect Teen–Possible?

Oscar Banks isn’t perfect. His father has created a model town, a town for families who want their teens to be perfect. Oscar is both the model son who gives his father the perfect spokesperson for the model community and his own person who is definitely not the model his father thinks he is. Oscar has his own agenda and he’s smart enough to pull it off. And, of course, there is a girl.

CANDOR by Pam Bachorz. Egmont, 2009

Does the picture of a hamburger on TV send you to the nearest fast food drive through? Advertisers hope so.

Feed by MT Anderson featured a teen whose brain was like a streaming video. Candor is a debut novel from an author who lived in a model Florida town and started wondering “what if” there were other kinds of models to accomplish–such as determining how to turn teens into model kids who do their homework, take out the trash, and might even salute when addressed by Mom. Well, maybe not that.

I’ve been having those what ifs, too, when I see kids wandering around with earphones, cell phones, ipods, and whatever was just invented held tightly against their heads. What is feeding information or music or maybe commands and directions into their brains? It’s downright scary.

Candor, a young adult (YA) novel, could give parents and teens lots to discuss. Parents might want to ponder the cost of having a perfect teen.

This has been given much attention through a variety of social networks, and many are hoping for a sequel. Me, too.

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