Monday, October 11, 2010

Building Sturdy Kids

Bullying hurts. ALL bullying hurts. Sticks, stones, and words hurt. Some experts say words hurt the most. Scars are deep and hidden. What can parents do? How do you arm a child against a bully without turning him into one? Where can you begin? Is it ever too early? A picture book I read last year keeps coming to mind. It’s a great family book, lending itself to discussion on several levels.

LOOKING LIKE ME by Walter Dean Myers, illustrated by Christopher Myers. Egmont.

Have you ever made an “I Am” list?

Who you are, who you are becoming, and especially who you are to others, pulses through this energy filled picture book.

This is a build-up book or a motivational book for kids. Sometimes hearing a book read to a young child catches the attention of others who benefit, too. Read this book to young listeners in the presence of anyone starting out, starting over, feeling blue or in danger of giving in to a battered ego, and who knows what positive thinking will result?

Picture books are not for babies only.

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