Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inside, Outside–Halloween is Everywhere!

It’s almost Halloween 2010. While you struggle with the decision of whether to celebrate on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, here is a haunting book to read to the most timid reveler. The desert setting and language are Southwestern and add spice to this celebration of ghosts and goblins out on the scary town (with parents bearing flashlights standing by in the shadows.)

TRICK OR TREAT, OLD ARMADILLO by Larry Dane Brimner, illustrated by Dominic Catalano, Boyds Mills Press, 2010

Inside: Warm and cozy as the hot chocolate in Old Armadillo’s mug.

Outside: As surprising as Roadrunner, Peccary, Coyote, Snake, Tortoise, Bear, and Raccoon, wibbling, wobbling, tumbling, toddling, creeping, swooping, swaggering, shimmying, and shaking in the dusk surrounding Old Armadillo’s casita.

Inside, Old Armadillo reads a book of ghost stories.
Outside, his costumed friends plan treats.

Inside. Outside. Your little listener will giggle at the friends on both sides of the door, because he is in on all the surprises, almost.

As they did for Merry Christmas, Old Armadillo, author and illustrator team up to set scenes to engage and intrigue both reader and listener. How many voices can you create?

Larry Dane Brimner is the author of more than 150 books, including Birmingham Sunday which just won a few more honors, so many in fact, that I’ve decided to do a separate blog on honors and awards.

In the meantime, iQuiero Halloween!


  1. This book sounds delightful! I love learning about all the charming books you discover.

  2. If only there were more hours for reading in each day. Do you think Cleopatra would agree?


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