Friday, December 10, 2010

Boy Has Book Feeever!

Once upon a time, an 8 year old boy named Charlie McGlurg wanted a bookstore in his hometown of Dalton, GA. 8 year olds have energy. Lots of it. Charlie started a letter writing campaign among his peers and targeted the CEO of a large book store chain.

Last week CEO Clyde Anderson surprised Charlie’s classroom at Westwood Elementary School with a visit and an armload of kids’ books. Then the BIG news(BIG being a classmate’s description). Anderson announced that Books-A-Million would open a 5,500 square foot bookstore in the city’s mall before Christmas.

“Charlie’s Army” was made up of 500 young readers. One classmate described herself as “breathless” over hearing the news. Charlie said he has “Book Feever!”

500 exuberant, letter writing, book loving young readers.

Parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, and children’s writers should stand up and cheeeer!

Charlie and his friends are not the only ones who love books.

DOG LOVES BOOKS by Louise Yates, Alfred A. Knopf, 2010

Dog opened his own bookstore. Then he waited for customers. And waited. What does a reader do when he’s waiting? He reads, of course.

Books carry Dog to prehistoric times, from adventure to adventure, to cheer on knights of old, to trek through the jungle, to zoom into the future. Dog is off to “somewhere else” when he hears the jingle of the bell. It’s a customer! Dog knows the right book and where it is for each of the customers who follow. Maybe he just read that book and re-shelved it.

Dog loves books, but most of all he loves to share them–exactly what book lovers do, be they book store owners, librarians, or US.

Do share! What’s your favorite children’s book today?

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