Thursday, December 30, 2010

Positively Resolved, Maybe

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Are you giving up something or starting new projects? Or are you just giving up on resolutions?

SQUIRREL’S NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION by Pat Miller, illustrated by Kathi Ember, Albert Whitman & Co, 2010

All of Squirrel’s friends have new year’s resolutions. Squirrel is the only one who doesn’t. Searching for help, Squirrel goes to a great place to find it, the Lonewood Library. There the wise and helpful Bear defines the word. That's certainly a good start.

Squirrel's next stop is to visit Skunk who is sick but even so has resolved to learn to read. Squirrel plays games with Skunk hoping to help her feel better, and indeed, she does. Skunk is laughing out loud when Dr. Owl comes by and pronounces his patient much improved and ready to begin working on her resolution. Half the day is over by now and it’s time for lunch at the Hidey Hole Diner.

Of course, the journey and the list of Squirrel’s deeds lead the reader to a discovery. The book ends with a chorus of her animal friends shouting, “Hurray for Squirrel!”

Do your children wonder what resolutions are all about? Adults seem to have trouble with this concept, too. Maybe reading this book to your young listeners should be your first resolution.

Author Miller is a writer, teacher, and school librarian. wonder what she's resolved to do in 2011?

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