Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Amelia Story

This one didn’t happen exactly the way it is described, but it’s a good story about two women who have long been the role models for girls who want to fly, whether their flights be literal or metaphorical.

AMELIA AND ELEANOR GO FOR A RIDE by Pam Munoz Ryan, illustrated by Brian Selznick, Scholastic 1999.

As author Ryan says in her lively text, “when two of the most famous and adventurous women in the world got together, something exciting was bound to happen.”

And so it did. In spite of the obstacles, the protocol, the red tape, the fact that few people ever flew at night, and then, well, these were women, Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart left a White House dinner and set off to fly the Baltimore loop and see the city of Washington D.C. by starlight. Brian Selznick’s pictures take the reader along for the breathtaking sights Amelia shared with Eleanor. And then Eleanor returned the favor and took Amelia on a tour of the Capital city, on the ground, in Eleanor’s new car.


Included in the book is a recipe for “Eleanor Roosevelt’s Pink Clouds on Angel Food Cake” This can be as real as the reader or a reader’s parent, perhaps, wants it to be.

Time for dessert.

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  1. Oh, another book I want to get for Walter--and for myself! Walter visited Eleanor Roosevelt's house when he was just nine weeks old because his mother, yours truly, is a big Eleanor admirer. (We told him that we will go there again one day when he'll appreciate it more.) Love the thought of Eleanor and Amelia racing around skies and roads together!


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