Friday, February 12, 2010

Escape to Another World!

If you’re snowed in, I hope this book is already in your house. Both boys and girls will enjoy the adventure. A family read in?

MIRRORSCAPE by Mike Wilks, Egmont, 2009

This is a book to get lost in, both words and pictures. The House of Thrones, The House of Mysteries, The House of Spirits. These are detailed black and white drawings of places inhabited by unusual creatures--also pictured--born in the artist/author’s imagination and let out to prowl the world the author also creates.

Mel is a bored 13 year old who is not looking forward to his life as a village weaver. He has a rare artistic talent and a boundless imagination. Both are underappreciated in a village where tasks and chores must always come before art. Then Mel is apprenticed to a master painter and his life changes forever. In the alternative world of Mirrorscape, Mel must match wits with unusual and diabolical characters to unravel secrets and escape the villains that would destroy him and his painting master.

Boys who love to turn pages quickly to stay in the midst of the action will find this book hard to put down. It’s just as much fun for girls to read. The author has created a character girls can identify with even as they cheer for Mel to overcome and paint his way into triumph.

This is a trilogy. The award winning artist and best selling author is at work on the next book, MIRRORSTORM, which will be out in the fall. I can't wait.

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