Monday, February 15, 2010

A Book to Read Again...and Again

Some books must be read more than once. This is one of them.

HOME OF THE BRAVE by Katherine Applegate, Feiwel and Friends, 2007

Kek arrives from Africa to live a new life in America, in Minnesota. He wonders where all the world went when he sees snow for the first time. He thinks the trees are dead, but finds out they are not. From that point on he refers to them as the not dead trees. He doesn’t care for American paperwork at the Refugee Resettlement Center because it “produces many yawnings.”

So many new things to see and figure out: Clothes washing machines. Television. School clothes. A desk and chair all one’s own in school and no one asks him to pay any cattle for it.

Sweet, kind, gentle, loyal Kek. What he wants most is for someone to find his mother and bring her to live with him in this new country.

Your heart will join Kek’s in hoping.

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