Friday, April 30, 2010

Celebrate Children’s Day/Book Day

Today, April 30th, has been set forth as a day to celebrate reading and books–and here’s your chance to enjoy this special day in English and Spanish.

BOOK FIESTA! A bilingual picture book by Pat Mora, illustrated by Rafael Lopez. Harper Collins 2009.

Strong, vibrant art crosses all language barriers in this festive picture book. Everyone is obviously having a great time. This book, on a child's lap, is an invitation to read and read again, skipping through the fun and practicing new words along the way.

Both writer and illustrator are award winners.

Illustrator Lopez’s art has been described as “a fusion of a strong graphic style and magical symbolism.” To learn more, see his website,

Pat Mora is not only an award winning author but also founder of the family literacy initiative. Her home is in New Mexico and her website is: A book fiesta is an idea she’d like to see families add to their calendars along with birthday parties. Ask each family member, “Where do you like to read and tell stories?” It won’t be long before favorite books and stories pour forth.

Queue up some rollicking dance music and read through Mora’s full page of suggestions about how to host a book fiesta. April 30th is a great suggested date–it’s Children’s Day–but a celebration of reading is the goal. Choose any language(s) or date. Be creative. Make it a family celebration of reading and books.

Pick a day, plan a book fiesta with family and/or friends, and get ready for surprises.

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