Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Words that Giggle

It was my pleasure to hear author/illustrator Bruce Degen speak at a writers’ conference shortly after his classic picture book JAMBERRY was issued as a board book. (Lucky me!) He said he wanted to recreate in art and pictures one of the most joyous times of his childhood. Happily, this book lives in libraries and can still be ordered from your favorite independent book store.

JAMBERRY by Bruce Degen, Harper Festival, 1983, 1995.

The words giggle and wiggle and shout for joy. The duo of a burly bear with contagious smile and a mop headed boy whose confidence grows from picture to picture skips and tumbles and dances in meadows of jam. They travel on boats, ponies, trains, and a hot air balloon. What could be more fun? What a great way to work up an appetite for all the berry feasts ahead!

However berries arrive in your kitchen, from the market or the field (lucky you!), pop a cobbler in the oven and share this book with a toddler you love.

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