Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monsters at the Library Door

Our frazzled economy is threatening libraries when we need them the most.
Skilled, trained, caring librarians need all of us to speak up and make sure our libraries continue.

Heroes Needed

Sound off! Tell your local, state, and national leaders you support libraries.

Join the Friends of your Library.
Be a volunteer, a donor, a buyer, even a browser. People attract people. Word spreads.

Ask your librarian, “Do you write, too?”
You might discover a budding author or a published one.
This week I featured books by several librarian/authors. Mary Downing Hahn, Toni Buzzeo, Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer.

Read the comments on Shelli Johannes-Wells's blog,
Shelli started this week of library thank-you’s with an invitation to link to her blog and share our library celebrations.

Champions to the Rescue!

Larry Dane Brimner, acclaimed author of over 150 books says “Libraries are the heartbeat of every community. If the library is vibrant, so too is the community. If weak, it follows that a community’s sense of self, its sense of identity is absent.

“My personal feeling is that libraries provide places of refuge and shelter, and they offer unconditional acceptance in the form of book-bound friendships in a world that is often unaccepting and cold.”

The National Council of Teachers of English notes in its resolution on supporting school and community libraries that credentialed librarians are the special people to help you get the best out of all those resources.


See you at the library.

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